Inbox folder missing in Outlook 2007

The basis for this posting comes from an article post by Tom Fox back in September of 2008.  The original post is 

Here is a brief description of the issue: 

The user’s Inbox folders disappeared from their mailboxes. All other folders were still there (Calendar, Tasks, Sent Items, other ‘mail’ folders), just the Inbox was missing.

The view through Outlook Web Access (OWA) was much the same. Re-creating the offline sync file (*.ost) had no affect. Starting Outlook with “outlook.exe /resetfolders” also had no impact.

The KB924226 - Contacts or other default folder hidden, but shortcut works with Open in New Window seems to be a similar problem.

  • Can still access inbox from the Outlook today page.
  • Can still access from mobile device
  • Right-click ‘Mailbox’ | Open Other Folder | Open Other User’s folder | type the user name.

I have had it problem occur twice on my main, desktop PC.  These are the steps that I used to resolve the problem.

  1. Download mfcmapi from this link:
  2. Extract this on the end-user’s computer having the issue
  3. Open up MFCMapi on the computer and choose the “Session” then “Logon and Display Store Table”.
  4. Select the profile that the user uses to access email then double-click the “Mailbox MDB”, located under the Display Name.  Will probably appear as “Mailbox – username”
  5. On the new folder that opens, expand “Root – Mailbox” and then expand the Information Store folder, (IPM_SUBTREE) which will show all the folders in the mailbox
  6. Highlight Inbox
  7. On the right pane, look for the Property Name – “PR_ATTR_HIDDEN”. This should have a tag of 0×10F4000B. Under the Value column, this should be set to False by default. 
  8. If it is set to True, right-click this Property Name, then, select “Edit Property”
  9. Uncheck the checkbox, which sets the attribute to F (False) and click on OK.
  10. Refresh the screen by selecting F5 and make sure that the change did not revert back to T (True).
  11. Close MFCMapi.
  12. Open Outlook and see if Inbox folder is now showing in the Mailbox Hierarchy.

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