SMB150–Who Influenced me?

There were over 400 nominees for this year’s SMB150 list.  That is a lot of people, every one of them deserving, in their own right.  The selection process, produced, as the name implies 150 people who have had a particularly strong influence within the SMB community.  The list includes Industry Experts, Community Leaders, Media Personalities, Partners/Solution Providers and Vendors who serve the SMB Channel.  I went through the list and highlighted every person who has affected me, one way or the other.  In most case, I know the person and have benefited directly from interacting with them at some level.  In some cases, they would have no idea who I am.  Either we met briefly or perhaps have never met, but they have done something publicly, that I have found particular benefit from.  When I was done, I had marked 59 names!  I will devote the next several posts to recognizing those of have influenced me the most.

There is one person that is head and shoulders above everyone else on this list.  He has had a profound impact on my business and my life.  I am blessed to be able to attribute several roles to this man.  First of all, he is a Friend.  The kind of friend that makes you feel special.  He is a mentor.  He freely shares his considerable experience and wisdom and he challenges me to rise up and face opportunities and difficulties with determination and commitment to success.  He is a coach and accountability partner.  He has the courage to ask the hard questions and the compassion to “call me out” when I get out of line.  He is an advocate.  There is no one that I know of that has done more to advance the lives and businesses of SMB VARS/MSPS than this gentleman!

Arlin Sorensen is the epitome of the “Go Giver” philosophy that he promotes.  He has taught us all the importance of relationships and the Power of Influence.  He is a Servant Leader that sees the potential in every human being he meets.  At the point in his life and career, where most people would be looking to “kick back” and enjoy some of the good life that they have created for themselves, you get the sense that he is just getting started.  His vision and commitment are unmatched.

Arlin is probably best know for his role as the founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups.  Some of his associates made the list as well.  I want to take this opportunity to recognize them.  Scott Scrogin is the President of HTG.  Scott has had a number of key roles in the industry, prior to his current position.  He is know as the “Process Guy” and his resume reflects that.  This guy understands how to get things done.  He is a great leader, an effective communicator with the capacity to motivate us all to Execute!  As a former facilitator of an HTG Peer Group and a participating member of HTG, I owe a great deal to Scott’s leadership, encouragement and support.

Christy Sacco is Director of Operations for HTG.  She is the friendly face, operating primarily behind the scenes, that really make it happen!  Christy focuses on all the details that are so important to organizations and the events that they support.  She is a good friend and always a source of encouragement when I need one.  Christy is just plain fun to hang out with!

There are many others on “The List” that are HTG members as well.  That in itself should be a testament to the influence that Arlin, Scott and Christy have on the community.  I will try to point them out as I work through each of the names on “my” list.

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