Our Team

Business and Technology Professionals

As CEO of Quality Systems Solutions, Inc., Rick Bahl has brought together a quality team of business and technology professionals. Bringing over 70 years combined business and technology experience, there is both depth and breadth. Certainly, experience must produce abilities and results. On that score, the track record of this team is remarkable. All the collective experience is demonstrated in a highly-focused group of professionals intent on delivering desired business outcomes, not technology for the sake of technology. This is what comes from a seasoned team!

Key team members bring a variety of management experience, from IT management in an exciting dot com engineering firm, to senior management experience in a local manufacturing company. Project experience includes micro-sized Financial Planning firms, to some of the largest of the Fortune 500.

Participation in peer groups, involvement in the area Chamber of Commerce, and membership on the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) Advisory Board (representing the Central Region-Midwest Area) are just a few examples of QSS business connections.

The combined experiences of the team represent the best practices of quality management, project management, and a life of discipline to bring real business thought leadership to bear on technology strategy and solutions.