Android tip: Finding your texts

Android tip: Finding your texts

Today’s smartphones offer users a lengthy list of features, from Internet connectivity to barometers or even GPS, they really are a highly mobile computer. That being said, many of us still use them primarily to communicate. These days, the preferred method of communication is the SMS or text.

What to do when your Android freezes

What to do when your Android freezes

While it is often hard to believe, the smartphone is simply a computer that has been shrunk down into something we can hold in our hands. Anyone who has used a computer knows that these machines will eventually freeze or stop working – it’s inevitable, and the same can be said for smartphones.

Google Now voice commands

Google Now voice commands

If you have a newer Android phone, especially one running Android Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3) and KitKat 4.4, you have access to Google Now. This app is meant to be like an assistant that is linked to Google Search. With Google Now you can search for information and it will display info that it thinks is important to you e.g., traffic on your route home and the weather.

A look at the Nexus 5 and KitKat

AndroidPhone_Nov18_AOctober 31 is traditionally a night of halloweening. Kids dress up and run around the neighborhoods gathering as much candy as they can find. This year however, Google decided they would unwrap a special treat for adults too, one many Android fans have been waiting for: Android 4.4 – KitKat and the Google Nexus 5. As with any release of a new phone and operating system, businesses may be wondering if these devices are going to be useful in the office.

Google Places for Business gets app

AndroidPhone_Oct21_AFor many businesses who rely on physical foot traffic as their main form of business, having a way for customers to easily find you is important. These days, that usually means not only a presence on the Internet, but also on Google. In order to do this, many companies utilize Google’s Places for Business.

How to block calls on Android

AndroidPhone_Sep24_AThe problem with technology allowing us all to be so instantly accessible, is that there is a danger that people you don’t want to reach you actually can. However, in business, it’s vital to be constantly connected and not being reachable is not an option.

Lost droid? Find it with Device Manager

AndroidPhone_Aug26_AImagine this: You’re on the way home after a busy day at the office, and stop to pick up some groceries from the store. As you’re paying, you pat your pockets and realize that your trusty smartphone is missing. If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know it can be a hassle to find.

Here comes a new version of Maps

AndroidPhone_July29_AAndroid devices are becoming increasingly popular, and will likely continue to do so over the coming years. One of the reasons these devices are being picked up is because of the increasingly tighter Google integration, especially with apps. One of the more popular Google apps is Google Maps, which has recently gone through a fairly large overhaul.

Google Play edition phone launches

AndroidPhone_July03_AThere is little doubt as to the importance of the smartphone to business owners, managers and employees alike. With technology there is always something bigger and better being introduced, and this is especially true for Android devices. In late June, a number of new Android devices, labeled as Google Play editions, were introduced that could change the way Android is presented.