Google+ gets prettied up, looks better

Google has been striving to integrate its online services into one central platform based around their social network, Google+. To date it has been met with mixed reviews but has never really taken off since its launch in the summer of 2011. In mid April, Google launched a redesign of Google+ with the goal of making the network a little more user friendly.

Gmail as Your Default Email Client

Email is probably one of the most basic but also essential parts of communication for any business. Whether that communication is within the organization or outside of it, email is almost always plays a large role. Which is why the folks at Google thought it prudent to make it easier for people to use Gmail as their default email client.

Migrating to Google Apps? Here Are Some Tips

Is your business on the cloud? Chances are you can say, “Yes, some of it is.” Many companies have some cloud integration in their company, typically with e-mail. There is a rising trend in getting the entire business on the cloud. Is your company part of this trend?

Many business owners have been caught up in getting their businesses “on the cloud” and are using apps such as those offered by Google to do so.