Gmail on Outlook now possible

When it comes to productivity programs like Microsoft Office and Gmail, many employees are firmly fixed in one camp only. It can be hard to convince them to switch from one service to another. When companies switch from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, for example, they might find they only meet reluctance from their employees.

Google to provide Internet connections

Google started out in a garage as a search engine, and have since expanded at an incredible rate into one of the largest tech companies in the world. One of the biggest limiting factors to Google’s expansion is Internet connection. In most countries, Internet services are provided by a few companies that more or less run the market.

Edit and create Google Docs offline

One of the major weaknesses of the cloud is the fact that not all employees will connected to the Internet at all times. If your company employes cloud solutions and has sales people who travel a lot, they may have a tough time keeping up to date. Google wants you to use their products, and as they are largely cloud based, has announced a few updates to help those with less than 100% Internet connectivity.

Google Penguin shakes up search results

Google is well known for Internet search and all aspects related to it. To deliver search results, Google relies on advanced algorithms, page rankings and keywords to execute searches. Getting your business’s website to appear higher in search results has become an important part of marketing and brand building.

5 more great Chrome Apps for business

As technology becomes more advanced and integrated with day-to-day business, the Web browser has become the hub of nearly all business activity. The only problem with browsers, more specifically Google Chrome, is that they’re, at first glance, missing functionality that businesses need.

Five awesome business apps for Chrome

One of the integral pieces of software of the modern computer is the Internet browser. While there are a number of browsers available to download, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because users have the ability to install apps that bring more functionality, especially for businesses, to Chrome.