Introducing the new Android Pay platform

Introducing the new Android Pay platform

It’s clear that mobile payment platforms represent the future direction of the industry – allowing consumers to break free of traditional cash or card payment methods, and settle bills in ways that are convenient to them. The explosion of mobile payment options and their increased ease of use mean that there has never been a better time for businesses to get on board.

Easily manage mobile contacts

Easily manage mobile contacts

The smartphone has a nearly unlimited amount of uses and yet in essence, the primary use of most phones is still to make calls. As a business owner, you likely have a large number of contacts and you can manage these on your phone, although it’s not the easiest way to do so.

Guide to buying a smartphone

MobileGeneral_Dec09_AThe holiday season is upon us and many people are out shopping for gifts. As with the past few years, you can bet that smartphones will be among the most popular gifts. While smartphones are quickly becoming the most popular and common tech device, it can be difficult to find one that actually works perfectly for the user, especially with the ever increasing number of different devices out there.

5 great financial apps for business

MobileGeneral_Sep24_AA common reason many small business owners start up a business is to deliver a specific service or product, and, of course to make a profit. Let’s face it, we are all in business to make money, and creating revenue is enjoyable! But, managing income can be decidedly less entertaining.

iPad v Nexus 10 v Surface Pro – who wins?

MobileGeneral_April10_AThe mobile device has become a mainstay in nearly every business. It just makes sense for business owners, managers and even employees to be able to connect to the office from anywhere. One of the best devices that has enabled this is the tablet, of which there are many.

Ensure respect while using your phone

MobileGeneral_Feb13_AYou’re walking down the street on the way to a restaurant for lunch. Coming towards you is the typical office worker, also out for a bite to eat. As you get closer, you see they are talking on their cell phone about the night they had last night. You can hear every word, with many details you’d rather not know.

Five things that jeopardize battery life

Batteries are awesome. Mix a few chemicals together and you have a chemical reaction that when encased can be used to power nearly anything and everything. There are a number of different kinds of batteries out there, and when it comes to Lithium-Ion batteries, commonly found in mobile phones, there are many factors that can cause them to be less efficient.

Mobile security battle, which OS is #1?

Smartphones are one of the most important devices of the past decade.Their popularity has allowed billions to go online without a computer, while simultaneously providing managers and employees a tool to help them stay productive while away from the office.