SMB150–Who Influenced me? Pt. 3

#SMB150 @ArnieBellini @ConnectWise  @DoveHelpDesk  @ChrisChase @TechDoctors4u @chriswiser   Today is Part 3 as I work through the 2012 list of the SMB150, recognizing those who have had an influence on me.

Is there anyone in the SMB space that does not know who Arnie Bellini is?  He is one of the most prominent personalities in our space.

SMB150–Who Influenced me?

There were over 400 nominees for this year’s SMB150 list.  That is a lot of people, every one of them deserving, in their own right.  The selection process, produced, as the name implies 150 people who have had a particularly strong influence within the SMB community.

SMB 150 influencers

I am going to spend the next couple of days sharing my insight on the recently released SMB 150 List.  I am deeply honored to be recognized on that list, for the second time.  The selection process for the “winners” on this years list was significantly different this year.

SMB 150 Balloting #SMB150

The polls close this Friday, April 6th for the SMB 150 voting. My friend, Karl Palachuk posted this to his blog over the weekend, and I felt it was appropriate to share it with you.

SMB 150 Nominations OPEN!

SMB 150 Nominations OPEN!

It’s that time again, folks! SMB Nation has teamed with the SMB Technology Network trade group to undertake the well-received SMB 150 list project. I was honored to be on the list last year.

This year the SMB 150 program has some exciting improvements:

•    Nominations accepted! Click HERE to nominate yourself or a like-minded accomplished SMB IT leader.

It’s Almost the End of the Line for Windows XP

As systems and market demands continue to require better productivity and efficiency, it only follows that the software that businesses use also needs to upgrade sooner or later. Such is the case with Windows XP, which Microsoft will stop issuing support for in 2014. Part of using any sort of software is the inevitable need to upgrade. Most if not all software needs to either be replaced and upgraded as the demands of the market entail more efficient processing of the various data and information a business handles. Such is the case with Windows XP. While many continue to use this proven straightforward operating system, Microsoft has decided to stop support by the year 2014. Microsoft further recommends upgrading to its latest OS, Windows 7, in order for users to continue to receive OS support. While there are some lines of business applications that have not been upgraded to work with Windows 7, most have — and there are alternative approaches. Also, your business needs the security and protection that only a current, up-to-date operating system can provide. We understand that changing your OS will entail some expense, including new licenses, hardware, and some training. Fortunately, these things are designed to help you operate more efficiently and increase your productivity in the long run. But such change will take time, and if you are interested in starting to plan for an upgrade now, we’ll be happy to sit down with you and develop an upgrade process that meets your specific needs.