Migrating to Office 365? Be aware

The cloud is here to stay and is quickly becoming a main part of your technical infrastructure. Some companies have chosen to operate nearly 100% in the cloud, and are normally right to do so. As like anything there are downsides to the cloud, as have been made evident by Microsoft Office 365, this is causing some headaches for small businesses.

Word templates help you save time

Microsoft Office 365 is an office suite that’s based in the cloud and is geared towards small businesses. One of the most useful products in the suite is Word, many if not all employees know how to use it to create documents and feel competent with the program.

Four benefits of Office 365

As far as many business owners are concerned there’s only one office suite that matters, Microsoft Office. Office is found in nearly every business, regardless of industry, and is an integral part of operations. Microsoft’s newest version of Office, Office 365, takes the suite into the cloud, something that many businesses will benefit from.

Useful Office 365 keyboard shortcuts

One of the most widely used programs is Microsoft Office. The cloud version aimed at small businesses, Office 365, is quickly becoming one of the go-to office software solutions. While there are many features that make it easy to use, one of the best features saves time while making you more productive, keyboard shortcuts.

Lync up online and collaborate

If you were to turn your daily schedule into a pie chart, there’s a pretty high chance that meetings take up a large portion of the pie. Love them, or hate them, meetings are an essential part of business that are going nowhere. A major shift from face-to-face to computer-computer meetings is taking place, with many companies now using Microsoft Office 365 to conduct meetings.

Use Office 365 to Store Business Cards

Since its release in June 2011 many small businesses have been switching to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud based Office suite, for its numerous features. One useful feature is that you can use Outlook to create and share your contacts’ information in a professional manner by using electronic business cards.

Make Microsoft 365 More Personal

In the past, most office software was just that, office software. There was little to no ability to make the software yours, to set it up how you like. This has been changing in the past few years, with many programs allowing for customization – settings and appearances can be altered to suit users’ needs and preferences.

Help! Office 365 Isn’t Working

We all use technology, and many of us are comfortable setting up and using multiple programs, but what happens when a product stops working? Most business owners or managers will be on the phone to support looking for answers, or wading through hundreds of search results for a fix.