Joe Siok on the Virtual CIO

Joe Siok on the Virtual CIO

What is really key about the relationship we have with QSS is their constant strategic focus on what our needs are based on where we are headed as a company. This prevents me from making incorrect tactical decisions and continues to save us much time and money looking forward.

Rick’s vision for Alpine oftentimes spills over to our customer requirements, which always reflects positively on us. The Virtual CIO relationship with QSS is a fixed part of our strategic plan.

Owner | Chief Operating Officer
Alpine Consulting, Inc.

Quality System Solutions has provided continuous and professional service to Barrington Capital Management for over eight years. Our business environment requires a secure network to protect the integrity of our client’s information. This environment also requires a business continuity plan which includes network security, data backup and disaster recovery. QSS met with us to discuss our needs. They worked with us to create an action plan and then implemented it. They continue to provide us with prompt and reliable support to our local and remote employees.

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